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  • I forgot to tell you I landed my new job two weeks ago. $30k increase over my previous position.

    ~ Gerald
  • Thank you again for your help! The approach that you took with me was very professional, and I liked how you pulled out successes that I had not thought about. The resume wording for someone at my level is perfect, and I will not hesitate recommending you to my colleagues.

    ~ Michael
  • Amazing Job!!! Love it! Nothing on the resume needs to be changed . . . . . . It has been great working with you!

    ~ Christine
  • Thanks John! Who says you need a college degree to advance in the working world right? A solid resume and profile, on the other hand, are a necessity!! Everything is going really well and I am very happy with my new company and England is beautiful! I hope you are well in Atlanta and I wish you all the success in 2014.

    ~ Jessica
  • Looks like I'm set with the LinkedIn instructions. Thanks for all of your help, and great work! It was good working with you too. Take Care!

    ~ Jason
  • Thank YOU so much for working with me. You and Deborah both were so helpful and such a pleasure to meet. I'm feeling confident that the final product will go a long way! You bet I'll be recommending your services to any and all needing help with a résumé and cover letter. Mine look and sound fantastic!

    ~ Stephanie
  • After everything you did on my on my resume and my linkedin profile ... it worked like a charm, it was great. Within 12 hours after I posted my resume my inbox just full of recruiters e-mails, so thank you so much! I really only have good things to say about my experience working with you and the good work you did for me. I'm happy to provide a reference to anyone and everyone!!!

    ~ Joey
  • I walked into the door and was greeted by our team. I showed everyone here your resume and you are the "new rock star" of our small group. They are so impressed with the results and don’t think I will be the only one visiting your office. Thank you so much for the resume that I can feel proud to submit for other positions within the bank.

    ~ Anne
  • Thank you for helping me reconfigure my resume. The finished product looked great and I have already received a call back for an interview. I would highly recommend your services.

    ~ Andrew
  • As someone who came in a bit skeptical of the process I must say you exceeded my expectations. Any anxiety I had about my "outdated" resume was alleviated. My resume is organized, eye catching, and comprehensive.You are both professional and fun to work with. I look forward to continuing to work with you over the years to come!!!

    ~ Monique
  • I wanted to send some praise your way! I used your services back in the fall of last year but didn't start looking for a job until April. I was so impressed with my results!! I sent out 8 resumes on Monster, scheduled 3 interviews, and was amazed when I got 3 job offers!! I am excited to report I start my new job on Monday! I know without a doubt I have you to thank for giving me that extra edge! THANK YOU!!!!

    ~ Amanda

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I can do my own résumé.

And it might be true. There certainly are people who can. But most of us can't be that objective. It takes asking the right questions to get the most useful information highlighting your achievements. Then you must address the audience to whom you intend to direct your résumé...

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Your RÉSUMÉ must standout in this very competitive job market...
and it needs to standout in less than 20 seconds!

Since 1989, Atlanta Résumé Service has been preparing résumés for satisfied clients throughout the U.S. We can help you develop a résumé that is customized for you, a unique document, outlining your accomplishments, which is capable of getting the attention of the employer in this highly competitive market. Our résumés are written and reviewed by an experienced Certified Professional Résumé Writer (CPRW) on staff.


"This is a Buyer's market." You've heard that expression, but it has never been more true than it is today when it comes to getting a job. How many other people are answering that ad you just saw on one of the Job Boards? Who else knows about the opening your friend just told you about?

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